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Starry Nights

This summer, Kim and Andrew celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary!!!   That is a lot of years for two people that work together full time. 

[It's been noted at our office that working doubles the amount of years you've been married, so we are thinking they've had 26 years of wedded bliss at this point. haha]

To help commemorate the event, Kim had a "Star Map" made for Andrew to show him what the constellations looked like the night they were married.  These two don't have much time for romance, so this was a sweet little treat.  The artist, Jennifer Beck, created a timeless piece they can display in their home for years to come.  Andrew was so excited to see the custom star map Jennifer created to commemorate their big day!

It all started in Blackstone!

Have an anniversary of your own coming up?

You can learn more about Jennifer's work at:


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 5021 Huguenot Rd.

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