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We have created KMD Collections for those who would like a simplified way to choose florals for their wedding, reception or vow renewal. These modestly priced collections are pre-designed and bundled in packages to make this part of your planning just a little easier. Our transparent pricing allows you to determine what fits within your spending plan and what works with all your event details.

Just a few steps and your wedding florals could be checked off your list!

Choose your design

There are 6 pre-designed collections for you to choose from

Decide if you need any more quantities of any items 

Have more than 4 bridesmaids? Or need more than 10 centerpieces? You can easily add on more of certain items. However, you cannot remove any items from the base collection (see the FAQ page for more details).



Fill out the KMD Collections Form

at the bottom of this page so we can start your order for you and order the blooms needed for your wedding or event.

We will check your event date on our calendar and put together your invoice and contract

We will put that together manually and email it over to you.



KMD Collections

at a glance 


Bridal Whites



Blush & Babies Breath



Lovely Lavenders



Blush & Neutral Naturals



Bright & Cheerful



Wine & Champagne


This collection includes:


  • 1 Bridal bouquet, medium sized 

  • 1 Toss bouquet, small sized 

  • 4 Bridesmaid bouquets, small sized 

  • Petals for a flower girl in event colors. Client to provide their own basket

  • 4 Ladies’ corsages (mothers and grandmothers, or whomever you would like to have a corsage) 

  • 1 Groom’s Boutonniere 

  • 4 Groomsmen Boutonnieres 

  • 1 Men’s Boutonniere (Father of the Bride or whomever you would like to designate) 

  • 10 Dining Table Centerpieces in clear glass vessels 

Add-Ons & General Options 

  • Choose from either white or ivory ribbon. Other ribbon options available for $35 fee

  • Ribbon streamers- ribbons hanging from the bouquet in chosen ribbon color. 20” ribbon for bride and 14” for bridesmaids. $20/bouquet

  • Choose a more full and lush ribbon streamer option with multiple ribbons at varying lengths and hues. Colors will coordinate with your bouquet at designer's discretion. $75

  • Additional Bridesmaid Bouquet: $135

  • Additional Ladies’ Corsages: $45

  • Additional Groomsmen Boutonnieres: $25

  • Additional Men’s Boutonnieres: $25

  • Additional Dining Table Centerpieces: $110

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